Time for shopping in a grocery store… in the US… in Germany!!

Today I talk about my experiences in a US grocery store and compare it to a grocery store back at home in Germany. The first thing I noticed when entering a US grocery store for my first time was the different size compared to a German store. I was confused because there were so many varities for one product that it became very difficult to find the right one. In Germany the grocery stores usually offer just a few different varities for a product which seems absolutely enough for German consumers. In the US it seems that people would be afraid if they had just a few choices for one product. For this reason the orientation in a US grocery store was not as easy as I’m used to know from Germany. The following examples of cereals, milk and soda should give you an impression as I felt during my first times in a US grocery store.

Cereal_Aisle 18-08-2009 Cape Cod - Truro 020 empty-calories-and-carbs-6

The picture should give a reason why a shopping trip in an US grocery store usually needs more time for the same amount of products as it needs in Germany.

An other experience was the situation on the cash point. After the scanning process for all my products suddenly a guy started to put every of my products in a bag, which is completely different to Germany where you have to take care on your own about getting your products in a bag. Actually the confusing issue was the fact that I got a an own bag for every product means I bought nearly 10 different products resulted in getting 10 bags. In Germany I used to know a completely different situations. Most of the grocery stores charge bags customers need for their products. That’s why most of German consumers take their own bags to the grocery store.



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