Time for enjoying sports… in the US… in Germany!!

Today I want to talk about differences in prefering sports. The popularity ranking of sports is very different between the USA and Germany. American Football is the most popular sport in America. Football is also the 9th Most Popular Sport all around the world. The biggest competition in the US is organized under National Football League(NFL).
Americans are not just watching the Football at their homes. Fans are coming by thousands to watch games on stadiums.In 2012 the NFL had an average attendance of 67,604 fans at each game, that is more than any other sport league in the world.

American-Football travel_nfl_dolphinstad_580

Baseball is the second most popular sport in the US. In America, there are two levels of Baseball Competition: minor league baseball and major league baseball (MLB)


Basketball is the most popular sport in the US after Football & Baseball. The US Basketball’s Competitions are organized under National Basketball Association (NBA). In the NBA there is an average attendance of 14,000 fans per match.


When looking to the German preference in sports, you have a completley different frame. With a total of 26,000 clubs and 178,000 teams the German soccer association (DFB) is the largest individual body in the German Olympic Sports Federation. The sport in Germany is financed by means of state funding and state contributions, voluntary service, private sponsors and membership fees. Soccer in Germany is the number one attended and practiced sport. Besides the national league, the Euro cup and the FIFA World Cup has much attention among its population. Germany’s top level soccer league, known as the Bundesliga, has the highest average attendance of any association soccer league in the world; among all professional sports leagues, its average attendance is second only to American Football’s NFL.


Furthermore handball is a major team sport being played and watched in all of Germany. The German Handball Bundesliga is considered to be the most competitive professional league in the world. As a spectator sport it ranks popular in smaller cities around the country and draws attention comparable to other indoor sports such as ice hockey or basketball.

THW Kiel - Rhein-Neckar Löwen


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