Time for having dinner… in the US… in Germany!!

Today, I give you some inside facts about the differences in having dinner in the US and in Germany. The first difference occurs when you enter a restaurant. In the US it is common to wait to be seated by host/hostess. In contrast in Germany you can choose a seat yourself. Getting an automatic glass of water, which is common in the US, is unusually in Germany. Besides all of soft drinks are served with lots of ice in the US. Most of Germans do not like having ice in soft drink, which is the reason why soft drinks usually served without ice in Germany.

diner_set        deutsches_restaurant_new_york

Another difference is the way of giving the tip. In the US the tip is left on the table or added to credit card bill, in comparison to Germany where the Tip is given directly to food- server and credit cards are not always accepted. In the US there are many kinds of international cuisine and restaurant available in contrast to Germany where can be found more limited selection of world cuisine, especially Asian, Indian, Greek and Italian restaurants are very widespread. Furthermore a food- server in an US restaurant will gladly put leftovers in a box to take home, which is less common in Germany. Concerning the fast food, Germans like to eat “Turkish Doner Kabap” a sort of shish kebab in pita bread, which is one of the widespread fast foods in Germany along McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway. In the US there can be found a vast choice of fast foods, such as Tacobell, Wendys, Dunkin Donuts, Denny’s as well as McDonald’s and Burger King. In general for a German it would be an experience having dinner in an US restaurant. The same applies for an American having a dinner in a German restaurant.


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