Time for enjoying a beer… in the US… in Germany!!

Especially during this time the Germans enjoy a lot of beer because of the Oktoberfest, but in general they like to drink their German branded beer. There are several kinds of beer brewed in Germany. In northern parts of Germany the beerbrand “Beck’s” brewed in Bremen is very popular. Particularly the different offered types of “Beck’s” such as “Beck’s Green Lemon” or “Beck’s Ice” are very popular with young Germans for going out.


Besides the “Paulaner” beer brewed in Munich, the “Erdinger” beer brewed in Erdingen near to Munich or the “Krombacher” beer brewed in Krombach near to Cologne are the most favorite brands of beer for watching soccer games or having a BBQ in Germany. Especially the taste of “Paulaner” weiss beer is nonreversible for the Germans.

paulaner-hefe-weizen_bg      Erdinger_2012

Unfortunately, I just have found the normal type of “Beck’s” in the USA, and it was very hard to find a “Paulaner”, “Erdinger” or “Krombacher” in a grocery store. I noticed that different kinds of beer of the brand “Budweiser” brewed by Anheuser Busch in St. Louis, IL are drunk by especially younger Americans while staying together with friends or just enjoying the evening. When trying some types of “Budweiser” beer, I noticed many differences in the taste comparison to German brands. I’m convinced Americans would like to drink “Paulaner” or “Krombacher” beer when having more possibilities to find it in grocery stores.


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