Time for breakfast… in the US… in Germany!!

The US definition of the word “breakfast” seems to be very different from the german definition, which can be noticed in the following picture. The American emphasize an other kind of food for breakfast as the Germans, but which picture shows the American type and which one shows the German type of breakfast??


IMG_2626[1]neu american-breakfast-pancakes2 IMG_2627[1]neu1



I hope everybody is able to see the difference. 😉 The three picture on the top show typical contents of an American breakfast, such as pencakes with syrup, oatmeal, sausages and french toast. So the American prefer a very sweat kind of breakfast, which could be the reason why most of the Germans are perplexed while seeing an American breakfast for the first time.

During my first time in the US, I was amazed about the difference…Why don’t they have any kind of brown bread called “Vollkornbrot” in Germany or “Brötchen” which is hard to translate into English but can be seen in the box in the picture under point 2.

For the Germans it would be a big challenge to adapt to this kind of breakfast because essentially they need different kinds of bologna, salami or turkey which is shown in the left bottom corner of the picture under point 2. Additionally they need different kinds of cheese such as the Edam cheese which is shown in the right bottom corner of the picture.

Fortunately, the American grocery stores offer these food, so that all the Germans staying in the US would be able to start the day with a nearly German breakfast. An other possibility, which I prefer sometimes, could be focussing on the lunch while improvising the breakfast 😉

P.S. The answer of the question below my first blogpost: There is no “official national language” in the USA.


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